Learning to Lead

Long ago, when Jeffrey was young, he didn’t do much of his school work. Instead of studying he was reading. His favorite genres were science fiction, spy novels, and leadership. 

The pattern continued in college, where he spent more time leading student groups than he did on classwork. Jeffrey led so many groups the Dean of Students asked him to teach Student Leadership Development.

By the age of 35, Jeffrey had been both director at a start-up and president of a multi-million dollar sales organization. Despite his reading, the teaching, and different roles he wasn’t a good leader. None of his teams came close to reaching their potential. In frustration he gave up on management and became a consultant.

Real leadership began when a client asked Jeffrey to build a team of analysts. He started by hiring good people. And keeping an unrelenting focus on learning and improvement. Within 2 years the team was the envy of the organization.

Eventually, Jeffrey realized he hadn’t taught people how to be a good team. The team had taught Jeffrey how to lead.

Jeffrey took his hard-won knowledge and went back into consulting, rescuing high-impact projects. In every instance there were at least two problems — and one of them was always teamwork. 

During this time he started sharing his ideas around team building. Soon other consultants started asking questions and he became a coach’s coach. 

Now Jeffrey is ready to share his tested ideas with you and your team. If you are ready for your leaders to move their teams to responsive, execution-minded high performers, then welcome!

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Everyone has someone to thank, many someones. I certainly have more people to thank than I can remember; mentors, friends, teachers, clients, colleagues. This list is some of the people who have helped shape this website, our ideas, me.

Kristi Karr-Davidson
Kent McDonald
Kerry Olsson
Nancy Hewison
Leslie Morse
Jake Calabrese
Jorge Bustamante
Tony Davidson
The Team
Jane Hamblin
Linda Kutche
My parents
. . . and many more.