Training from the BACK of the Room is dynamic, interactive, two-day train-the-trainer program designed to give you powerful learning principles based on the best of brain science. This workshop gives you the techniques for applying these principles every time you present, train, and coach.

Training that Leads to Change

Proven Methods
to Stand Out from the Crowd
and Share Content that Sticks

There is a problem with most training classes today.

After years working on and with teams, you know a lot about how to do Agile, how to be Agile. You understand the allure of Scrum. You’ve seen it remake teams and projects. You know the transformative power first hand. Now you are sharing this hard won experience and knowledge. You’ve worked at building and mastering your curriculum. It’s not quite enough. Your message is not getting through in your classes. You share your information, but it doesn’t stay with your students.

A great class takes more than good content, it’s takes a great delivery. It’s not about what you’re sharing, but how. The answer to great delivery is understanding the techniques to make your material brain-friendly. It’s time to break away from outdated teaching paradigms. You need to use modern research on cognitive neuroscience to share your information in a way that makes it easy-to-stick.

What’s a trainer to do?

Fortunately, there’s help. Take the class that hundreds of other instructors have taken to the benefit of their thousands of students. Training from the BACK of the Room, (TBR) has become the standard for train-the-trainer classes. Whether you are a trainer, coach, instructional designer, or a presenter looking to up your game, this 2-day workshop is what you are looking for.

  • Participate in brain-friendly learning that teaches and engages you, as well as providing an example of how you can teach your material
  • Connect your learners with the topic and the goals to prime their receptiveness to learning
  • Share your concepts in multi-sensory ways to make their learning stick
  • Build concrete practice into your outline to give your learners the chance to prove they have learned
  • Conclude your teaching with celebration, reflection, evaluation, and decisions for the future
  • Apply six separate learning principles* throughout your training regardless of the group size or complexity of material [*These principles are based upon neuroscience informing us how people (of every age) learn best]
  • Choose from dozens of brain-based learning activities to entice your learners into engagement, learning, and change
  • Practice delivering your material using The 4Cs Map (a very easy-to-follow instructional design framework)
  • Certificate for completing Training from the BACK of the Room workshop
  • Invitation to join a Slack channel dedicated to other certified TBR trainers

Copies of the following books

  • Resource Workbook (55-pages), only available through this program
  • Training from the BACK of the Room by Sharon Bowman
  • Using Brain Science to Make Training Stick by Sharon Bowman

About your trainer

I’m Jeffrey Davidson, a people leader with the proven ability to build exceptionally strong teams. Most of my work is focused on transition teams from Meh to Amazeballs. I do this using the continuum of presenting — training — facilitating — mentoring — coaching. In about all of this I use what I have learned in TBR to make the material more relevant to the people around me.

TBR isn’t rocket science. It’s a toolkit. It contains some of the best tools I know for conveying information and making a difference in other peoples lives. I wouldn’t train without it.

Let me help you make a bigger difference

“This action-packed seminar made me better! Better at planning, communicating & teaching for life-change!”
Jeff Young, Minister of Spiritual Development, Prestonwood Baptist Church

“Jeffrey did a great job keeping us engaged the entire day. I can’t wait to implement some of my learnings the next time I teach.”
Jason Snyder

“This class challenged & changed some of the typical assumptions  I had about communicating. It has given me greater insight & tools to help me better connect & communicate with an audience.”
Josh Steckel

“I gained valuable insights on ways to employ effective teaching methods  that lead to application-based learning, not just content reinforcement.”
Jonathan Teague

When you are ready to change how you communication to make a bigger impact, then you can get from where you are with 3 easy steps:

  1. Book your seat in Training from the Back of the Room
  2. Plan your travel to Dallas
  3. Revolutionize your next class